MSFT hires DeepMind cofounder 🤖, Toyota's smart city 🏙️, AI devs overhyped?👨‍💻


TLDR Microsoft hires Mustafa Suleyman to lead new consumer AI unit, Meta shows fediverse integration, Japan's $15B smart city project progresses, AI used to design antibodies, Saudi Arabia plans $40B AI investment, Postgres gaining popularity.

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  • 🤖

    Microsoft hires Mustafa Suleyman: Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind and CEO of Inflection, will head Microsoft AI combining products like Copilot, Bing, and Edge into one team.

  • 🚀

    Meta showcases fediverse integration: Meta demonstrated how users can connect accounts to the fediverse through Threads, enabling sharing posts across platforms via ActivityPub.

  • 💡

    Japan's $15B smart city project progresses: Toyota's Woven City near Mount Fuji will pilot innovations in mobility, AI, robots, with focus on automated driving and personal mobility vehicles.

  • AI designs antibodies from scratch: Researchers employ RFdiffusion AI tool to create new antibodies, paving way for easy design of antibody drugs with potential future clinical applications.

  • 💰

    Saudi Arabia plans $40B AI investment: Saudi government aims to invest $40 billion in AI, partnering with financiers to back tech startups in chip making, data centers, and AI sectors.

  • 📊

    Postgres gaining popularity: PostgreSQL increasingly used for data management, with tools like ParadeDB and DuckDB enhancing analysis capabilities, making it a mainstream choice for various applications.

  • ⚙️

    AI developer role discussed: Debate on AI developers' future impact on job market, with claims of both threat and marketing stunt, highlighting the evolving landscape of software development.