How to write for the internet

by Greg Isenberg

TLDR Guide on writing effective internet copy for success. Key tips include storytelling, conversational tone, credibility, and clear calls-to-action.

Key Insights (click to read)

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    Storytelling is key: Engage readers by painting a vivid picture that immerses them in the content like a story.

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    Conversational tone matters: Write as if chatting with a friend to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for readers.

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    Line breaks for readability: Use generous line breaks to improve readability and engagement, especially in a fast-paced online environment.

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    Focus on one main idea: Keep the message clear and concise by highlighting a single focal point, similar to using a spotlight in a dark room.

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    Show credibility with examples: Use real stories or examples to demonstrate credibility and reinforce key points effectively.

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    Address concerns preemptively: Anticipate and address reader concerns to build trust and engagement, akin to answering questions before they are asked.

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    Engage and entertain readers: Keep the content fun and interesting to ensure reader enjoyment and retention, much like adding flavor to a dish.