Daily Digest: Apple and Amazon are waking up

by Ben's Bites

TLDR Apple and Amazon are making significant advancements in AI, with Apple acquiring DarwinAI to enhance on-device AI and Amazon introducing AI tools for sellers to simplify product listings.

Key Insights (click to read)

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    Apple's AI Push: Apple acquired DarwinAI to prepare for major AI upgrades in 2024, focusing on shrinking AI models for on-device use, enhancing privacy, and improving Siri.

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    Amazon's AI Tools: Amazon quietly introduced AI tools for sellers to automate building product listings, simplifying the process and potentially improving search visibility for products.

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    Microsoft Copilots: Microsoft is launching more copilots, including Copilot for Security available from April 1st and Copilot Pro with a 1-month free trial.

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    Apple's Generative AI Plans: Apple is strengthening its generative AI team with DarwinAI's acquisition to enhance AI capabilities and privacy for users.

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    Amazon's E-commerce AI: Amazon is investing heavily in AI for e-commerce, aiming to streamline product listings and improve seller efficiency with AI-powered tools.

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    Future of AI: The advancements by Apple and Amazon in AI signal a growing trend towards on-device AI capabilities and simplified AI usage for businesses and users.